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At VIP Limousines, We Focus On You

Our business philosophy is simple, we go above and beyond to understand exactly what you, our customer wants to achieve with your limousine experience, and then we over deliver on that level of expectation.  No matter the occasion, we are genuinely interested in why you would like to utilise our services so that we can provide real value for you.  Give us a call and let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll make it happen for you.

It’s Not Everyday You Hire a Limousine in Perth

It’s fair to say that when you are looking for a limousine to hire, it’s for a pretty unique reason such as a wedding, birthday etc, and although the actual reason may vary there is one constant theme.  That theme is the feeling of being special, the feeling of being treated like a VIP.  It may also be fair to say that when you are looking to hire a limousine company, while price is always going to be a factor (and your desired package), there are other considerations that are just as important that need to be taken into consideration.  To help you make the best decision possible, we’ve put together some guidelines to shed some light on the factors we believe are important to achieving the perfect limousine hire experience within Perth.

Booking a Wedding Limousine

The organisation of a wedding can be one of the most stressful, and most rewarding experiences in life.  A quality limousine business will work with you to fully understand the plan you have created for your day, and most importantly be flexible with you to incorporate all aspects of luxury and limousine resource into that plan.  Your stretch limousine hire provider should be totally focused on ensuring you meet your wedding, photographs, and reception timelines and advise in advance in anticipated problems they fell may arise that will prevent this timeline from being achieved.   One last areas to consider is the number of passengers you intend to have, and the amount of required space.  You want to ensure you ride is a comfortable one that you will enjoy.

No Perth wedding is complete without a bit of fun just prior to the event.  If you are looking for a limo hire Perth for hens & bucks, you need look no further.  Our limo hire packages will give you a great deal that will look after you and your clan while you party the night away.  Do yourself a favour, take a Perth city tour during your buck or hen’s night, and ask if you can get a discount if you book a for more than one date at the same time.

School Ball Limo Arrivals

Just like going to a concert, the two most important aspects to any school ball or school formal are the experience with friends prior to the event, and the arrival at the venue.  Utilising vehicles such as stretch limousines greatly increases the enjoyment and experience level for both.  You will know you have found a professional with school ball limos, when they take the time to ask what it is they can do to make the experience the best it can be for the group.  Points to consider are the pickup point, if and where the limousine will stop for some photos, as well as the exact drop off point.  Share your thoughts with the limo company to ensure you get the exact experience you seek. 

Romantic Occasions

When the time comes to show a bit of romance it is usually the arrival of the limousine that sets your adventure off to the best possible start.  One thing to be very wary of is the threat of boredom during your transportation.  In order to prevent this occurring, having set conversation pieces as well as pre determined stopping venues will keep your experience flowing.  Whilst a limousine ride to a beautiful dinner would be fine, taking some time during the journey to stop and enjoy an external experience will certainly add to the occasion.  Liaise with your chauffeur in order to ascertain what others have previously done to achieve a successful experience. The city of Perth is an amazing place with plenty of options to suit your needs.  We have some amazing romantic packages that will truly over deliver. 


Corporate Event Hire

Incorporating a limousine into parties or your work or corporate event is a great way to provide extra value.  In addition to providing quality transportation to get to your destination, you will experience an increased feeling of camaraderie, as your group interact in a personal and fun filled environment.  Most times the limousine experience is the highlight of the event as participants revel in the luxurious surroundings of the limousine, whilst enjoying the company of their friends.  Liaise with your chauffeur company to ascertain the availability of extra services such as music, karaoke, sound system and drinks to totally rock your party.

Airport Transfers

When looking to arrive at the airport in comfort, your chauffeur should be well aware of your schedule and organise your pickup well ahead of your scheduled flight.  It’s the little things that count, whereby a quality hire companies will ensure you are comfortable by providing you the daily paper, attend to your beverage needs, as well as assist you with your luggage without being asked.  Additionally a good sign is when the limousine chauffeur contacts you the day prior to ensure all transport details are confirmed.

The Scenic Swan Valley

A Swan Valley Wine Tour is a great way to combine a relaxing getaway with a bit of style and luxury.  A limo hire in Perth is the perfect vehicle to ensure you can sit back and relax to fully enjoy your outing.  Book a Perth limo to and experience why everyone totally raves about Swan Valley wine.  There is no doubt that if you take this option, you will be the ” toast”  of your family and friends.  What better way to enjoy an outing with friends and family, then to share the captivating beauty of the Swan Valley region while being chauffeured from one fine winery to the next.