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Is Perth Super Expensive?

What About Limo Hire Perth Services?

It’s been constantly reported that Perth is one of the most expensive cities on the planet, however is it just Perth Limo hire services that come under fire, or is it other commodities and services as well?  An interesting article has recently appeared on Betoota Advocate that highlights a Perth man who is excited to only be paying 11 pounds for a pint of beer.  Now to put that into local currency terms, that equates to over $18 Australian dollars.

WESTERN AUSTRALIA IS HOME to the highest rates of ‘wanderlust’ in the country, prompting the youth to travel far and wide before they return home to roost.

One of the main reasons why young Western Australians yearn for the unknown is the prohibitive cost of getting blind in the Perth, their capital and the most isolated city on the planet.

Despite having locally-made delicacies such as Emu Export, Little Creatures and San Cisco, the cost of those products is grossly inflated by the relatively high income of residents thanks to the mining boom.

Arriving in London last week, 24-year-old traveller Mark Garrity has found a place to crash on his brother’s mate’s floor in the north-eastern suburb of Chalk Farm.

“It’s pretty flash around here. There’s a shit tonne of Russians here and they’re all rich. Just like all the Chinamen back home, they’re rolling in it,” he explained. “Speaking of China, I got blinder than Chinaman staring into the sun last night and it cost me less than a night out in Freo. What a pissa.”

Like most people under 30, the Tame Impala fan is almost completely broke and shouldn’t really be travelling in the first place.

That valid point prompted him to duck down to his brother’s mate’s local dive bar, The Garden Arms in nearby working-class Hampstead Heath.

“I tried to be sensible and order a pint of Stella, you know, because that’s what domestic abusers drink over here because it’s cheap as chips and the bloke came back and asked for 11 quid,” he said.

“I almost fainted! How cheap! You know how much a pint of Bush Chook costs in a flash bar in Perth? At the Royal Freshie in Peppermint Grove, they’d pick you up and rattle every last cent out of you for a Little Creatures stubby,”

“Then they’d say you’re too pissed to have another one.”

Mark says he has plans to head back to Perth one day, but that will be the day he hangs up his drinking jacket for good. Another than the odd pint after work or a weekend getaway to Margaret River, he says sinking tins in Perth is just too expensive.

Perception of expensive is an interesting topic, because at the end of the day, what you purchase is sometimes worth a whole lot more than face value.  What is it worth to you to have a limousine company that understands all of the little things that make your wedding day absolutely flawless.  What is it worth to have a limousine hire experience where your are treated like a rockstar.  These are things that can’t be measured in mere dollar terms.  Experiences are priceless so ensure when it comes time to book your limo hire Perth service, you do your due diligence about your limo company and their level of personal care.


limousine hire services in Perth

Booking Your Limousine Service

Your Limousine Hire Service Guide

Perth Chrysler Stretch Wedding Car Hire Specialists

« Chrysler Wedding Car Hire SydneyChrysler 300c Limousine Service – Perth »Booking A Limousine

Before You Book A Limousine for Your Wedding, School Formal or Special Event please consider the following important questions
*  Do the cars belong to the company you are dealing with?
* Is the car exactly what you are being told it is, i.e seating capacity, type of car, good condition, well maintained. Is it a Super Stretch or standard Stretch ? What is the difference ? Ask A-List Limousines…
* Are the people you are dealing with professional, polite, reliable and well mannered? (Remember these are the people who are going to be responsible for everything going smoothly on your special day).
* What is included in the Limousine Hire Package.
* Have you seen the Limousine or Sedan in person. Are you able to view the Limousine or Sedan ?
* Is the business accredited to do weddings, formals and or General Hire.
* While price is important and A-List Limousine prices are competitive, at times you may get a price $100 or so cheaper.
Please ask yourself the above questions before booking a Limousine for your Special Day.


Your A List Limo Experience

A-List Limousines Chrysler 300c Super Stretch Limousine was manufactured in the USA. As a result the Super Stretch has inclusions many people could only imagine. From the Fibre Optic/neon lighting to the starlight ceiling and strobe/laser lights. What makes it better is you have full control of these while you sit back and enjoy the ride! You also have full control over the air conditioning, dvd player and stereo so you can be as comfortable as possible during your experience.
A-List Limousines is a family owned business who take the time to get the little things right. When customers contact us we suggest they come and view our cars. This is for a number of reasons:
* You are able to see exactly what you will be getting on the day.
* You will be able to see how pristine our vehicles are. They are all maintained to the highest standard. All our cars are cleaned at the completion of each job. No customer of ours gets into a dirty car.
* You will be able to meet the people who will ensure your day runs smoothly.
* You can see first hand how amazing our Super Stretch Chrysler 300c really is. Many may say theirs is the same but they are not.
Our Customer Service is something which sets us apart from our competition. We guarantee that from your first enquiry with A-List Limousines whether by phone or email, you will feel confident in using A-List Limousines for your transportation needs. This will then be backed up with vehicles and drivers which exceed your expectations.
If you have any questions at all, no matter how small they may seem, please contact us either by phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Chase Pokemon All Over Perth On Your Birthday Limo Ride

Pokemon Go By Limo?

Birthdays – Another year down, it’s time to come up with a unique idea to celebrate your childs birthday.  Currently the world is going nuts over Pokermon Go, with thousands of people congregating at poke hot spots to catch them all.  Have you considered combining this latest craze with a unique birthday experience?  How about travelling to all of the Poke hot spots via limousine travel all over Perth?  How about a Birthday limo hire party hunting Pokemon?

Where Can The Limousine Travel in Perth?

One of the biggest hotspots is Kings Park.  The issue with travelling there by yourself is the parking.  Due to the high demand of the craze, you literally have to park your vehicle 2km away from the best poke stops.  Utilising our limousine services, we can drop you and your friend right in the heart of all of the action, ready to catch Pokemon the minute you step out of the limo.  Not only will you enjoy a great Poke stop, you’ll also enjoy the fantastic views the Perth skyline has to offer.

What’s Next?

Next stop can be the Swan River foreshore.  We stumbled upon a fantastic Poke stop when providing a wedding limo hire service, with the groom actually taking time out from his photo shoot to catch Pokemon!!  This is a very safe location as it is away from any main roads, and contains a very large grassed area.  Additionally it is not a well know hot spot, so despite the high level of action available, there is not a large crowd to make things uncomfortable.

What Do You Get?

We are at your service.  We can seat up to 12 passengers, and take you wherever you’d like to go in Perth.  We’ll work with you and share our experiences with different locations, and plan out a travel plan that can see you enjoy a balance of Poke catching, as well as enjoying the luxuries our limousine has to offer.  This kind of experience is unique and will provide the foundation for a birthday party to remember.

What You Need To Do

All you need to do is give us a call, let us know what you’d like to achieve with your limo hire service, and where in Perth you’d like to go.  Our professional chauffeurs will ensure you are treated like royalty on the day, making the birthday party a phenomenal experience.  Add to this the excitement of catching Pokemon at the best locations in Perth with your friends, and you have one of the most memorable experiences of your life.  Don’t delay, give us a call today so we can treat you to the best birthday party ever.






The Ways of the Limousine Industry

What Makes For A Positive Limo Hire Experience?

There used to be an ongoing issue of this sort here in Perth (and perhaps there still is – I haven’t been spending a lot of time in the hot-spots for it lately) which has been the worst at the big hotels and at the airports where limousine driver who did NOT have scheduled trips would hang out at these locations and solicit trips from visitors. As far as I know this practice is called “scabbing” and is (as far as I know) illegal.
Frequently this is done by drivers that the company allows to take cars home and by independent drivers. It’s an embarrassment to us hardworking legit limo hire Perth drivers and is stealing from the operators of the limousine companies.
I have been in situations where I was waiting for my client to come out and someone approached me and asked me if I could take them where they needed to go – the way I handle the situation is to:
1) Tell them that I am waiting for a client.

2) Hand them the business card of the company I’m working for.

3) Tell them to call the company and request a limousine.
This is the legal way to provide a trip for someone that you are not scheduled to drive and is NOT scabbing.   Also, if a hotel client asks the doorman to get them a limousine and the doorman calls the limousine company and requests a car – that is not considered scabbing here in the Perth area, nor would I think it could be considered that in any other area either.
We are not independent and it is basically not allowed. We all work for companies for a small % of the meter. Our biggest nights come from the kickback the tt bars and such give us to bring them customers. Well every doorman in town is stealing our rides each and every night to the tune of 10’s of thousands of doalrs a night which is killing our income and it has become rampant and it needs to be stopped NOW. These thiefs offer 1/2 of the kick money back to the doormen and it’s off to the TT bars for a free ride in a limo.
The law says that a doormen cannot solicit any ride from anyone unless they ask for a limo, and a limo cannot stage or the driver cannot stand within 50 ft of the taxi line. Well here is how it goes…the doormen says “where ya going tonight” the 5 guys say “crazy horse 2” the doorman says “can I offer you a ride in a limo for free” well of course the guys say yes and off they go and the cab driver is left sucking his thumb. Now those 5 guys are worth 100.00 bucks..the limo guy comes back, give 1/2 the kick to the doormen and everyone is happy but the cab drivers family that has now lost 100 buck in income for the year..and this happens over and over again.

With the introduction of Uber on the streets of Perth, this kind of unethical competition cannot be allowed to continue.  Rant Over.

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