limo hire for Perth Birthdays

Chase Pokemon All Over Perth On Your Birthday Limo Ride

Pokemon Go By Limo?

Birthdays – Another year down, it’s time to come up with a unique idea to celebrate your childs birthday.  Currently the world is going nuts over Pokermon Go, with thousands of people congregating at poke hot spots to catch them all.  Have you considered combining this latest craze with a unique birthday experience?  How about travelling to all of the Poke hot spots via limousine travel all over Perth?  How about a Birthday limo hire party hunting Pokemon?

Where Can The Limousine Travel in Perth?

One of the biggest hotspots is Kings Park.  The issue with travelling there by yourself is the parking.  Due to the high demand of the craze, you literally have to park your vehicle 2km away from the best poke stops.  Utilising our limousine services, we can drop you and your friend right in the heart of all of the action, ready to catch Pokemon the minute you step out of the limo.  Not only will you enjoy a great Poke stop, you’ll also enjoy the fantastic views the Perth skyline has to offer.

What’s Next?

Next stop can be the Swan River foreshore.  We stumbled upon a fantastic Poke stop when providing a wedding limo hire service, with the groom actually taking time out from his photo shoot to catch Pokemon!!  This is a very safe location as it is away from any main roads, and contains a very large grassed area.  Additionally it is not a well know hot spot, so despite the high level of action available, there is not a large crowd to make things uncomfortable.

What Do You Get?

We are at your service.  We can seat up to 12 passengers, and take you wherever you’d like to go in Perth.  We’ll work with you and share our experiences with different locations, and plan out a travel plan that can see you enjoy a balance of Poke catching, as well as enjoying the luxuries our limousine has to offer.  This kind of experience is unique and will provide the foundation for a birthday party to remember.

What You Need To Do

All you need to do is give us a call, let us know what you’d like to achieve with your limo hire service, and where in Perth you’d like to go.  Our professional chauffeurs will ensure you are treated like royalty on the day, making the birthday party a phenomenal experience.  Add to this the excitement of catching Pokemon at the best locations in Perth with your friends, and you have one of the most memorable experiences of your life.  Don’t delay, give us a call today so we can treat you to the best birthday party ever.