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What Makes For A Positive Limo Hire Experience?

There used to be an ongoing issue of this sort here in Perth (and perhaps there still is – I haven’t been spending a lot of time in the hot-spots for it lately) which has been the worst at the big hotels and at the airports where limousine driver who did NOT have scheduled trips would hang out at these locations and solicit trips from visitors. As far as I know this practice is called “scabbing” and is (as far as I know) illegal.
Frequently this is done by drivers that the company allows to take cars home and by independent drivers. It’s an embarrassment to us hardworking legit limo hire Perth drivers and is stealing from the operators of the limousine companies.
I have been in situations where I was waiting for my client to come out and someone approached me and asked me if I could take them where they needed to go – the way I handle the situation is to:
1) Tell them that I am waiting for a client.

2) Hand them the business card of the company I’m working for.

3) Tell them to call the company and request a limousine.
This is the legal way to provide a trip for someone that you are not scheduled to drive and is NOT scabbing.   Also, if a hotel client asks the doorman to get them a limousine and the doorman calls the limousine company and requests a car – that is not considered scabbing here in the Perth area, nor would I think it could be considered that in any other area either.
We are not independent and it is basically not allowed. We all work for companies for a small % of the meter. Our biggest nights come from the kickback the tt bars and such give us to bring them customers. Well every doorman in town is stealing our rides each and every night to the tune of 10’s of thousands of doalrs a night which is killing our income and it has become rampant and it needs to be stopped NOW. These thiefs offer 1/2 of the kick money back to the doormen and it’s off to the TT bars for a free ride in a limo.
The law says that a doormen cannot solicit any ride from anyone unless they ask for a limo, and a limo cannot stage or the driver cannot stand within 50 ft of the taxi line. Well here is how it goes…the doormen says “where ya going tonight” the 5 guys say “crazy horse 2” the doorman says “can I offer you a ride in a limo for free” well of course the guys say yes and off they go and the cab driver is left sucking his thumb. Now those 5 guys are worth 100.00 bucks..the limo guy comes back, give 1/2 the kick to the doormen and everyone is happy but the cab drivers family that has now lost 100 buck in income for the year..and this happens over and over again.

With the introduction of Uber on the streets of Perth, this kind of unethical competition cannot be allowed to continue.  Rant Over.

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